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Cymatium cynocephalumMy longtime quest for the beautiful, elusive mollusk speaks eloquently for the fascination of seashells. Each time I discover a curious and beautiful shell new to my collection I marvel at the amazing ability of these soft-bodied creatures to create such imaginative architecture.

The evolutionary rhythm of life, developed over millions of years, expresses itself in these handsome animals. Yet the exquisite patterns and the intricate houses they build are merely natural responses to nature's need to protect and further develop her many creatures.

I have learned to love and respect the ocean through years of association with the underwater world, and from my study of the habits and secrets of these strange molluscan creatures.

I hope this endeavor of mine to record my experiences in Caribbean conchology will inspire others to study and observe the elusive mollusk. The more we understand them, the more we will be able to protect them for the generations of naturalists to follow.

Featuring the photography of Robert Masino

spondylus americanusI have selected thousands of specimens to illustrate and comment upon so that the viewer may share my enthusiasm and joys in discovering the shells of these beautiful tropical islands. Over the last 30 years, I have observed or collected these shells, some rare, others less so, but all exquisite and inspiring... I hope you agree.

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Diving trips for shell lovers and photographers!

With more than three decades of collecting and over 2,600 night dives in the Caribbean, you’ll learn first hand some of the most closely guarded collecting “tricks of the trade,” these trips will get you dramatically more shells every time!

You’ll learn the techniques and tricks the pros use. If you’re tired of finding shells that look “okay,” and if you’re tired of looking at shells in shell shops and at shell shows and thinking, “Why don’t my shells look like that?” then these trips are for you.

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