Destination: Adventure!
The coastal waters off the Honduran mainland

Accommodations are specious and boast air-conditioned comfort. Being mid-size, with space for only 6 pampered guests, our ship offers an ideal setting for remarkable diving. This is the ultimate way to collect in those impossible to get to locations. Unlimited diving opens up a world of collecting experiences you may never have discovered. And unlimited means that you can make as many dives in a night, and during your entire voyage, as computer time and your penchant for adventure permits.


The sheer density of rare and seldom-seen shells inhabiting the coastal waters off the Honduran mainland is staggering. Enjoy the most specialized liveaboard collecting experience ever! This is collecting as it was meant to be – where everything found is either rare, seldom-seen or new to science!

Explore the Unexplored! NEW TRIPS FOR 2011

Trust that your voyage will be enlightening in ways that you never imagined. Naked Conchology and Robert Masino promise an extraordinary experience… 8 unforgettable days diving and collecting in one of the last great unexplored regions of the Caribbean. Be a part of this rare opportunity to collect in little-known locations throughout one of the Caribbean’s most prolific molluscan fauna.

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