My Passion for Seashells

Night divingI cannot remember a time when I wasn't interested in seashells. Finding them. Watching them. Even photographing them. When I was in high school in New York City, I wrote a paper on the seashells of Long Island, New York, an early hint of what was to come, even before my first chance to dive a reef in 1986.

Now, 2,600 night dives later...

I have dedicated much of my adult life to exploring and recording my most memorable moments of a thirty-year association with the Caribbean fauna.

I just love Caribbean shells - I like to observe new "things" and see old stuff that I've seen before. I get my biggest kick out of sharing with people, my experiences and joys in discovering the shells of these beautiful tropical islands and providing them with a rare glimpse into the private lives of Caribbean snails.

Featuring the photography of Robert Masino

Robert MasinoThe photo galleries on this website represent my personal selection of hundreds of forms of seashells which, when first encountered, afforded the greatest pleasure and most memorable moments of a thirty-year association with the Caribbean fauna.

The families treated here have many morphological forms and some are considered great rarities. Innumerable details of the lives of each have been noted and catalogued, all of which is impossible to relate here. Unless otherwise stated, the specimens were collected by me. Studies such as this can be very important to the scientist, as well as offering inspiration to new students of marine life. If you appreciate beautiful shells, it is my hope that these photographs will seduce you.

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