Seeing Red On Roatan!

Heading away from the tourist-filled beaches of Aruba, Jamaica and the Bahamas, you will discover a quieter, more secluded place. Better still, collect a staggering variety of classic Caribbean shells. Discover warm, 100-foot visibility and experience adrenaline-fueled encounters with the elusive "Red-Cones of Roatan." Dive amazing corals gracing the plunging walls of the world’s second largest barrier reef. All the while, journey through Roatan’s culture and experience the islanders’ legendary hospitality.

If you are an amateur conchologist with a yen for collecting, this trip will set you afire! Or if you just plain love shells, this location will entrance you.

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Naked Conchology with Robert Masino presents a truly outstanding offer…7 unforgettable days exploring and collecting in one of the Caribbean’s richest habitats. If you love Caribbean cones as much as I do, then Roatan Island is one location you do not want to miss!