Union Island:
Untouched, Unspoiled and Undeveloped

Located just 40 miles south of St. Vincent, Union Island, the “cross-roads” of the Grenadines, is often called “Little Tahiti” due to its high, almost vertical peaks which, on a clear day, are visible from St. Vincent’s capital of Kingstown.

The town of Clifton is a bustling place by Grenadine standards. The open-air market bustles with Unionites and a sprinkling of tourists filtering in and out of local art stores and fruit marts.

Along its shore, pastel wooden guest cottages are hidden among fruit trees and bougainvilleas. For yachtsmen, Clifton Harbor is a main provisioning stop, and the place to obtain fuel, ice, water or even Internet access. Union Island’s landscape is one of the most picturesque in the Grenadines.

Matchless Indeed!

The beautiful island of Union in the southern Grenadines is a haven for flourishing colonies of the stunning Conus cedonulli dominicanus where it seeks refuge beneath the rich sand of quiet bays. It is a rare subspecies frequently confused with the true Conus cedonulli; and understandable error as both cone shells are endemic to the southern Caribbean. The pure, crystalline waters and other environmental conditions are doubtless responsible for their local success.

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