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The Real Secret To Finding Caribbean Rarities

Rooster Tail ConchHey, before we get to, “The real secret to finding Caribbean rarities,” I need to let you in on a few quick things that will help you big time in getting the most from my trips (sorry about duping you with “The real secret to finding Caribbean rarities headline, but don’t worry – that subject and more are coming right up, but first I have to make sure you totally understand how my trips work. Then it will all make sense and we can worry about Caribbean rarities).

The idea is simple: you and I are out on a collecting trip, diving, snorkeling, etc. While we’re out in the field, you have lots of questions, and I’m going to answer them – straight and to the point. For example, if we were out on a dive, and you asked me, ‘Hey Robert, how do I find a Glory-of-the-Atlantic Cone?’

Roatan cone shellsI wouldn’t stand there and give you a biology lecture. I’d just turn to you and say, “Put on your dive gear, check your computer, our boat is on top of a coral wall in 60 feet of water, follow me down into the sand and use a simple technique I call “bottom-to-top” collecting.” That’s how my trips work. Basically, it’s you and I out collecting, and I’m giving you the same tips, the same advice and the same techniques I’ve learned over three decades and 2,600 night dives in the Caribbean (I’ve already done all the research) but I’m giving it to you in plain English, just like I would in person, to a friend.

These collecting trips are all about concepts...

Union IslandWith more than three decades of collecting and over 2,600 night dives in the Caribbean, you’ll learn first hand some of the most closely guarded collecting “tricks of the trade,” these trips will get you dramatically more shells every time!

Each morning we’ll cover a single concept that’ll make your collecting better. You’ll learn the techniques and tricks the pros use. If you’re tired of finding shells that look “okay,” and if you’re tired of looking at shells in shell shops and at shell shows and thinking, “Why don’t my shells look like that?” then these trips are for you.

Find One Of Your Dream Shells

I truly hope my trips ignite your passion for shell collecting by giving you some insight into how the pros find those amazing shells, and showing you how to get the results you’ve always hoped you’d get. Now pack up your gear, it’s time to head out and collect some amazing seashells!

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